Personal Poems on Bipolar and Suicidal Thinking

I thought that you may find these published personal poems
 of mine from 2004 about bipolar interesting; though one of them does have a bit of a dark ending to it, as it refers to thoughts of suicide as a means to escape my mental trauma at that time. 
Thankfully I am still here.

The first poem is a post reflection of one of my challenging episodes over a decade ago, which sparked my creative written expression at that time. brought on by a dangerous thinking process, that i dealt with by, re-affirming that such thoughts were negative constructs of my mind and that tomorrow would be a better day, which it invariably was.

I share it as, no doubt many of you with bipolar will relate to aspects of it and others hopefully will be enlightened by it. Unfortunately such thoughts are a life long challenging part of the bipolar condition.

I have written a post with an NLP technique for overcoming negative thinking that may you may find helpful. If you found that useful, you may also like to read the post coping with suicidal thoughts.

In a previous profession i have dealt with sudden deaths and suicides and even lost a very good friend, who took his life in the depths of depression. I miss him dearly.

I have often heard people say, that such individuals are cowards or selfish deeply disturbing. Unless you have been there, i would suggest that those with such a view point are unaware of the EXTREME mental pain and anguish that the person in that situation seeks to stop…

Suicide, sometimes being the ultimate bringer of peace to such mental pain and anguish. Leaving a void of sadness to those left behind. I personally was never one to seek help. Not a good strategy looking back on things.

Please stay safe, and speak to someone who can help, if suicidal ideology becomes part of your thinking process.

Anyway; on with the poetry as promised. Ending things with a more positive and uplifting piece of poetry, written when in a better frame of mind.

A Troubled Mind Poem

Then there are the beautiful creative times which the next poem draws upon. Part of the dual aspects of a condition, that allow people with bipolar to experience life in all its beauty and not just shadow.

The Butterfly Poem Image

I hope this helps in some way and gives the reader a different insight into this challenging condition.

Nigel Bashér

(Founder : Bipolar Days)

Bipolar Days

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