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“I have listened to 100s of audio relaxation/inductions etc. This is one of the very best, well done – hypnotherapist”

“I have always had trouble meditating. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, yet was able to relax with this better than anything else I have ever used. I found this very safe and comforting”

It was amazing. I was really relaxed and felt a lot better afterwards”

“Thank you Nigel. I never sleep that easily… this took me by complete surprise. I only realized I had been asleep when I woke up sometime later. I honestly don’t think you realize the significance of what you have created here”

“Thank you i am also a clinical hypnotherapist… love your voice, v.confident and relaxing…. also, great music”

“That was fantastic. I’ve been hypnotized in person before, but this was the first cd I’ve found to recreate the experience”

“I’ve listened to it over 50 times so far. I can’t get enough of it”

“I usually take 30-45 minutes to fall asleep and even then I tend to wake up several times throughout the night. Literally every time That I have used this I was out cold before I even got part way through. Solid uninterrupted sleep and a lot of dream activity. Thank you”

“For the last week I have been using this to help me sleep as I have a sleeping disorder and I can truly say this video works I can’t even stay awake more than a minute in to the video”

“That was soooo relaxing I didn’t want to open my eyes. Absolutely fantastic:)”

“Thanks this actually worked”

“I have never got to hear all the words I always fall asleep before I get the chance”

“Wow!… i’ve never experienced such a state of relaxation before… It’s almost euphoric in a sense. Great great work!”

“I just want to let you know that you are the one man that can break me down and make me fall asleep. Thank you!… this has helped me so much”

“During the session I was very relaxed. My mind kept wandering off and thinking about my entire life… It was like a soul trip”

“I found your voice relaxing and soothing”

“It really does help me fall asleep…just when if i didn’t fall asleep by the end of the vid i have to restart the video and that takes energy ha ha”

“Awesome! I´ve  ALWAYS liked listening to you, you´ve got just what it takes to take me to where I wanna go, and I simply LOVE IT! Well done!”

“Thank you. After listening to this, It finally gave me the motivation that I needed to start my business”

“This is the most relaxed i’ve been in a long time”

“I extremely enjoyed your video. To the point where I’m going to watch it every night before I go to bed. I have always sort of been a bit of a skeptic, yet curious about hypnosis. I decided to just let myself drift into the trance, and I could not feel better than I do now. Once again, Thank you for that video, I deeply enjoyed it”

“So beautiful I cried. I love it”

“I’m always asleep before the end of this video, really helps 

“Honestly… I now use this whenever I need to relax. Works wonders!!!”

“Your voice is so relaxing and soothing…along with the music. Thank you”

“Hi Your hypnotise video is great. Nice job”“Truly amazing”

“This really helped! And thank you for making an effort to help other people.It may seem like it’s the end of the world and you just want to die, but its not and you can overcome it”

“I feel more and more developed each time I listened! I am now more loving to others after listening to this:) it helped me look back at my life and ask myself intuitive questions to improve my character and well being. Keep improving peoples confidence, self realization, and personality with your guidance!”

“Awesome job. I tried it last night when i couldn’t sleep…slept like a baby. keep up the good work”

“I use this every night before bed. It’s the greatest thing ever. I fall asleep two minutes in”

“I have listened to many similar CD’s or so I thought. Yours is special for so many reasons. When you listen to others after this, there is no comparison. I don’t think you realize what you have created.”

“It’s nice to see a genuine professional video. Thanks, I think everyone can benefit from this”

“Nigel thank u so much. After watching the video I now sleep better and longer !!! So… Yea thanks again.”

“I’ve tried every relaxation cd going, yours is profound. Nothing come close. I recommend it to all my clients”

“Thank you for the CD, It is very inspiring.”

“This really works!!!”

“I just watched the video and I’m really sleepy now……..good night”

“I fell asleep”

“Thank you sooo much. I had red marks on my chest. My doctor told me they where stress marks. I listened to this and in the first three weeks the marks were gone. Once again thank you. I’ve also been more focused and less hyper… you are a genius”


“This helped me to stop worrying. Thank you so much!”

“It friggin’ worked!!”

“This is really really good. I play this in the background during my therapy sessions. My clients love your inspirational words and how you make them feel”

“Thank you. This has helped me through a very difficult time”

“After listening to this I now sleep better and longer.Thanks again”

“Zomg that’s sooooooo cool! I can hardly type this”

“Thank you! I found this effective! Great job dude!”

“I’ve listened to hundreds of relaxation cd’s over the years in my therapy practice. This is better than anything else that I have ever tried”

“Thank you. I suffer from insomnia and that put me right out. I forgot I could sleep like that”

“WOAH That worked!!!!!!!!!!”

“Wow! This actually made me fall straight asleep the night I listened to it”

“This is incredible”

“I loved the music and your deep mellow voice. I found it even more effective using headphones, as it got me totally immersed in the session. Truly amazing”

“It’s nice to see a genuine professional video. Thanks, I think everyone can benefit from this”

.“Wow! This really relaxes you. Nice job. Keep up the good work”

“Great affirmations. Very inspiring. I actually felt better about myself afterwards”

“Wow. This was really an experience for me- in a good way. My 5th child, JT, is a preemie (born @ 27 weeks) and though he’s been home with us since Easter, he’s had some issues and the two major issues he’s having right now are reflux and aspirating his food. We just found out he’s got an infection from the aspiration, that no one knew existed prior to a routine dr visit and the aspiration being discovered.

This meditation gives me peace when I feel like I’ve taken all I can take. Thank you

“Amazing. I never sleep that deeply”

“What a godsend to have this after a extremely extremely stressful day. This is a blessing. Thank you”

“I was just feeling very anxious. I suffer from terrible anxiety, it’s awful. so i searched youtube and came across this. I have just watched it and It was the best relaxation video i have heard. Lovely soft voice. I feel great now, very relaxed. Very near the end i felt as if i was in a lovely bubble. I will listen to this any time i feel stressed again. Thank you”

“That was soooo relaxing I didn’t want to open my eyes. Absolutely fantastic:)”

“I cannot thank you enough. I’ve had insomnia as long as I can remember. My Dr prescribed me Lunesta last year. I was dropped from my health insurance last month and not been able to get it renewed. I have since gone through withdrawal and the insomnia is worse than ever before. This helps immensely. I cannot say it enough…thank you”

“Love the way way you say “reelaxxss”–good vid brother”

“Omg this really works Thank you now i hope i can sleep”

“It is nice that there are people who do this for others, god bless.”

“Nigel, I listened to this almost every night to fall asleep. It really works and gives me lots of good dreams. I used to have a lot of nightmares before I started listening to this at night. It has really helped a lot. Thanks!”

“Luv it…!”

“Thank you! I found this effective! Great job dude!”

“Your voice is so relaxing and soothing…along with the music.Thank you”

“It friggin’ worked!!”

“I have to admit, I swear by this video. I’m an over-stressed college student with a demanding family life, a job, 3 internships, and a social life to maintain. Sleep doesn’t come as easily as it used to with my mind always racing. This video has really helped me relax. The best way I can explain it is this– I’ve never seen the end of the video! I fall asleep before the end each time. Great job and thank you!”

“I found this very uplifting. Thank you”

“Your voice is sexy. I love listening to you”

“This track is a really good relaxation technique, thank you!”

“You are the god of sleep”

“I listen to this when I can’t sleep and it helps me sleep better and relax… thanks nigel”

“Thank u nigel i sleep better then i did years ago this calms me down i am learning how to go to sleep better”

“i was just feeling very anxious. I suffer from terrible anxiety, it’s awful. so i searched youtube and came across this. I have just watched it and It was the best relaxation video i have heard. Lovely soft voice. I feel great now, very relaxed. Very near the end i felt as if i was in a lovely bubble. I will listen to this any time i feel stressed again. Thank you.”

“I always feel fantastic after listening to this 

“To me your voice gave me a heart rush and an energy flash. Strange”

“omg….wow…I feel a floppy as a damp sock lol but i feel soooo unbelievably relaxed that i could just sleep on the spot..even if it is my floor lol amazing stuff!! 

“Wonderful work”

“wow amazing. i loved it’

“I can’t believe that I was struggling to sleep before listening to this”

“woah…. towards the end of that I couldn’t feel my arms… I was relaxed but it took a little bit of effort to come back”

“wtf! That was crazy I’m going to tell everyone that they have to try this”

“This really helped me get through finals thanks.!!!!!!!!!!”

“thank you this is the only thing that gets me to crash out cold besides my tea but summer no thank you to the tea”

“this video is my everyday sleeping pills thank you 


“Amazing (: I’ve had sleeping problems for the past 2 weeks, but this really helped”

“it made me fall asleep 

“I have never heard the ending. Love it”

“i fell asleep in the middle of the video”

“I loved it…I have adhd so it is almost impossible for me to sleep… but in this video i almost fell out of my chair  . My friend was watching over my shoulder while sitting on the floor, and she fell asleep! After I woke her up she ran to her computer to watch it herself! She is actually watching it now! I think I will draw on her face if she falls asleep again…>:)”

“now I don’t feel anywhere near as anxious or restless as I did earlier. Thank you very much for this”

“I have Major anxiety of sleep and u cured it! no more medication!!!!”

“Thank you so much!! You have helped me overcome my sleeping problems and I couldn’t be more grateful you are the best person ever!! Bless you ! I feel amazing”

“really good”

“This video is my everyday sleeping pills thank you ;)”

“maannnn you made me fall asleep and my bf had to wake me up”

“I love it its awesome signed Jacob Allseitz”

“I don’t sleep without this 

“Never knew this stuff would actually work on me. Wow!”

“now I don’t feel anywhere near as anxious or restless as I did earlier. Thank you very much for this”

“i don’t think i’ve ever been better rested. and all my muscles are loose. even my back where i put my backpack”

“I heard this for the first time yesterday with my cousins.. and yeah… we all fell asleep”

“This video is amazing, I believe it causes me to lucid dream or even astral project ”

 ”I actually have never experienced going into sleep like that. Just close your eyes and BAM! Your asleep. But this! You can feel yourself go to sleep and it’s awesome!!!”

“I thought it wouldn’t work. I was wrong”

“a really good relaxation technique, thank you!”

“woah what just happened, i came here because i lay in bed for hours staring at the ceiling and here i am sleepy in under 7 minutes because of you. I really needed this, thank you”

“I loved it, your voice is soo soothing. I want your voice in my life everyday 

“Omg.. I was soo knocked out last night… it helps a lot”

“Awesome experience, all my limbs feel so relaxed and tingly :L really loosened me up  Thanks 

“I have such a bad case of insomnia & I can honestly say this made me fall asleep”

“Woah… I fell asleep to this and here I am the next day totally relaxed :3

“You have a strangely hypnotic rhythm to your voice that I quite enjoy; I often find it difficult to listen to male hypnotherapists, but you I have no problem with. :]”

“Honestly, you are great at what you do. I can`t fall asleep at all unless I hear your sleep video. I tried so many things and you helped me a lot! Thanx so much 

“I listen to this every night”

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