Examples of bipolar mania – Dept and its weird creative world

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Bipolar Days

My name is Nigel Bashér and i'm the founder of this NEW Bipolar Disorder Support Community website...BipolarDays.com.

I developed PTSD and Bipolar and this website is to raise awareness of Bipolar primarily and to help others with the condition.

I'm also a retired Clinical Hypnotherapist and Entrepreneur...in that i aspire to helping others through the internet with my self-help websites and products.

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. Mania unlocks hidden potential that never ceases to amaze me. I created this crazy video in a manic phase for some friends as a wedding present. They loved it thankfully. The Monty Python Style may not be to everyone’s taste though. Please share it if you found it funny 🙂 In this post, i’ll… Read more »
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